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How Hospitals Use Social Media to Engage Patients

Social Media enables people to interact and share, which makes it inherently useful for healthcare providers and patients and this post gives two great examples. The University of Maryland Medical Center and Mayo Clinic use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to share information with their communities. More important, however, each hospital allows members of its community to share with each other.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery: Key Enabler of Medical Tourism

Physician and hospital innovation plays a critical role in reducing procedures’ impact on the body thereby reducing recovery time.  As physicians substitute minimally invasive surgery (MIS)  for “traditional” surgeries, they also increase the medical tourism option for patients.

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U.S. Domestic Medical Tourism Case Studies

If “medical tourism” is defined as traveling for healthcare, that does not necessarily mean overseas.  This article highlights U.S. “domestic” medical tourism case studies from Lowe’s, BridgeHealth Medical, The Health Services Coalition, and Alpha Coal West.  “Domestic” medical tourism is also increasing in Europe where patients travel to other European providers.

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