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Cholera Epidemic Sweeps Haiti: Crisis Mappers Help Guide Aid

Since October, 1,400 Haitians have died from the cholera outbreak that is taxing the country’s already fragile infrastructure. The 2010 Haiti earthquake killed 250,000 and destroyed large portions of Haiti’s healthcare system, hospitals, government offices and other supporting organizations. Crisis Mappers are doing their part to help direct resources to the people and areas of most urgent need. The HealthMap-Haiti picture to the right shows the outbreak, which is most acute at Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital and largest city.

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Mapping the Crisis in Pakistan

Example of Pakistan Crisis Map, 25 Sept. 2010

According to numerous sources, the monsoons and flooding in Pakistan represent one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent times.  Roughly 18 million victims have fled their homes, and the government and international aid organizations struggle to deliver appropriate aid.  The victims represent one tenth of Pakistan’s population.

I have recently become a volunteer in pakreport.org, which maps the crisis in Pakistan as it is happening.  Pakreport is using the open source platform Ushahidi to categorize and map various types of emergencies, health hazards and security issues to help law enforcement and aid workers.  Here is how it works: