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Minimally Invasive Surgery: Key Enabler of Medical Tourism

Physician and hospital innovation plays a critical role in reducing procedures’ impact on the body thereby reducing recovery time.  As physicians substitute minimally invasive surgery (MIS)  for “traditional” surgeries, they also increase the medical tourism option for patients.

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How Advanced Medical Procedures Enable U.S. Medical Tourism

Innovation with medical technologies and procedures plays a critical role in expanding treatment options, which can include medical tourism.  For example, The International Orthopedic Group in Doral, Florida, USA uses minimally invasive surgery and regional block anesthesia to reduce the post-operative recovery time.  In the former, minimal incisions are made, which reduces tissue damage.  This makes the procedure more applicable to medical tourism patients.  Similarly, regional block anesthesia makes the procedure easier on the patient and less of an ordeal.  For the clinic, this dramatically increases the market it can address.

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