The Reference Desk offers the most useful sources I have found in my ongoing research. As with the rest of the site, they are organized according to participants:

  • Providers shares how they are increasing their businesses through innovation or defending their practices.
  • Facilitators offers especially valuable facilitator websites or insightful articles.
  • Patients highlights testimonials and posts and articles about patient experience.
  • Employers shows how employers are experimenting with medical travel/tourism, and case studies and examples.
  • Insurers shows how insurance firms are innovating new global provider networks—and offering medical travel options to their own employees.
  • Reports offers comprehensive analysis of medical travel, into their own section.
  • Please note that a source may be mentioned under more than one participant if it is relevant to both. Check back often because I update these pages often.

I also invite your suggestions for valuable information on participants, so please leave them in comments.

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