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Although this site went live in August 2010, I am already preparing the Second Edition of the study, and I would like to give you the opportunity to get involved if you can share your insights about one or more participants in medical tourism. I will also offer all participants who meet the conditions a special Insider Report (more below). The background research was phase one, and phase two is primary research.

Actively soliciting insights from these participants:

  • Providers in developed or emerging countries who are engaged in serving international clients or managing medical care for global patients.
  • Facilitators who assess patient appropriateness for treatment abroad and manage numerous aspects of contracts, administration and sales.
  • Patients who have sought treatment abroad; this includes family members and significant others who accompanied their loved ones on a medical tourism treatment trip.
  • Employers who offer international healthcare or who have studied and explored it enough to respond to the employer survey.
  • Insurers who have global healthcare treatment options and provider networks, or who offer global options to their employees (in which case they would complete the employer survey).
  • Other medical tourism experts who have a bona fide knowledge of the subject can respond to the survey(s) they want.

The Insider Report

To thank respondents for their time, I will offer the Second Edition’s Insider Report, which will contain information not released to the public. I estimate that the surveys take ten-fifteen minutes to complete.

If you have questions, I invite your inquiry in comments below or via the “About” link in the header above. I hope to send you your Insider Report later this fall! Thanks in advance for your insights.

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