How Advanced Medical Procedures Enable U.S. Medical Tourism

Innovation with medical technologies and procedures plays a critical role in expanding treatment options, which can include medical tourism.  For example, The International Orthopedic Group in Doral, Florida, USA uses minimally invasive surgery and regional block anesthesia to reduce the post-operative recovery time.  In the former, minimal incisions are made, which reduces tissue damage.  This makes the procedure more applicable to medical tourism patients.  Similarly, regional block anesthesia makes the procedure easier on the patient and less of an ordeal.  For the clinic, this dramatically increases the market it can address.

The advent of minimally invasive surgery, such as arthroscopy, coupled with superior regional block anesthesia, has allowed traditionally major surgery to be comfortably performed in specialized ambulatory centers [benefiting] domestic [and] international patients.

Orthopedic Surgery for the International Tourist Patient provides a rich example of an orthopedic specialty clinic, which I highly recommend.  Notably, it also describes the role of tourism in Florida as part of the clinic’s value proposition for the patient and the patient’s family.

2 thoughts on “How Advanced Medical Procedures Enable U.S. Medical Tourism

  1. venkatachalam

    Innovations are crucial for progress. At the Madras Joint replacement center, we have been using the same techniques of minimally invasive surgery for knee replacements. Our incisions measure only 4 inches vs the conventional 8 inch long incision. Our anesthetists use regional nerve blocks for post operative pain relief for knee replacements. Hence as a result our patients become pain free by the 4th day or 5th day and are discharged to a resort.

    1. strollyson

      Dr. Venkatachalam, thank you for reading and sharing these details. If you don’t mind, how long have you been using minimally invasive surgery and what were your benchmarks before in terms of medical stay and recovery time? Also, in your experience, how important is the regional nerve block in determining length of stay? I understand that general anesthesia can be unpleasant for the patient, but medically, does it affect recovery. Thank you again for your comment!


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