Malaysian health care is noted for being one of the best worldwide. The Malaysian state of Penang is the fastest growing medical tourism site in Malaysia, particularly due to the government’s great investment in instituting private institutions for cosmetic surgery. Malaysia has only recently been unified as a state in 1963. The more westernized regions of Malaysia were previously known as British Malaya until 1946. Later, it was known as the Malayan Union. However, large resistance led it to be reconstructed and named the Federation of Malaya in 1948. It finally received independence on August 31, 1957.

The government in Malaysia has been upgrading Malaysia to be known as a prime medical tourism destination (Discover Medical Tourism). Both intensive care and preventative care are provided. Organizations, such as the Association for Private Hospitals of Malaysia, are looking to expand medical tourism, with much success. According to a recent survey conducted by the Malaysian government, the number of medical tourists to Malaysia has increased to 341,288 in 2007. In three years, the growth rate of medical tourists has increased by about 30%. In another recent survey by the Government has stated that the foreign patient market is worth about RM 90 million. In the first nine months of 2008, the earnings produced by medical tourism were about RM 25 million from more than 282,000 foreign patients.

Procedures/specialties (what is the country mostly known for? i.e. Hungary dentistry)?Malaysia is most known for its Cardiovascular procedures, cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, eye surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery and transplant surgery

Malaysia draws medical tourists from around the world. Malaysia’s renowned facilities attract patients from all over the globe.


Costs—Malaysia is known for its quality of care as well as the affordable price of extensive procedures. Many visitors select Malaysia for medical care due to its immense affordability. Along with affordable prices, programs for recuperation periods are also available.

Quality of Care—Medical facilities have highly trained physicians that are fluent in English, making it easy for patients to communicate with their doctors. Malaysian specialists are known worldwide for their advanced training. It is also easy for tourists to travel to Malaysia, since it serves as a major transport sight in Asia.

Accreditation—Accreditation in Malaysia is a work in progress. Private institutions are monitored and licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, which evaluates based on Malaysia’s national accreditation health care scheme (MSQH). Many of Malaysia’s hospitals are pursuing international health care accreditation from JCI and others. Examples are: Malaysian hospitals International Specialist Eye Centre, Penang Adventist Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur.


Crime—While Malaysia has numerous choices in affordable procedures, travelers should be alerted to the terrorism activity occurring in Malaysia and other areas of Southeast Asia. Travelers ought to be advised about areas which are particularly dangerous, such as Sabah in the east. There are risks that travelers may be kidnapped.

Health dangers—Travelers should be advised that there are risks of contracting dengue fever as well as hepatitis A and B. Other diseases spread by mosquitoes are also common, although the risk of contracting malaria is quite low. In addition, Dysentery and diarrhea can occur to travelers who consumed impure water or certain foods that have not been properly cooked.

Cost Comparisons



Malaysia (USD)

Liposuction $5,250 $2,258
Breast augmentation $7,613 $3,308
Face lift $11,813 $3,063
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) $8,418 $3,903
Porcelain crown $998 $194
Full acrylic dentures $1,750 $1,313


United States (USD)

Malaysia (USD)

Cardiac procedure $50,000-125,000 $7,000
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) $4,000
Face lift $5,000
Breast augmentation $4,000
Collagen injection $800
Liposuction $3,600
Chief source: Compare the Cost of Elective Surgery Abroad, Treatment Abroad

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