Hungary has attracted Austrians and Germans for many years because they appreciate its beauty, culture and lower costs. Hungary is known for its high quality medical system that costs significantly less than health care in Germany or Austria. Therefore, Hungary has become one of the top destinations  for medical tourism in Europe.

It is home to the largest freshwater lake in Europe, with numerous baroque towns, rustic villages and horse markets. Most of medical procedures are preformed in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, which is also known for its Turkish thermal baths, Russian statues and the largest synagogue in the world.

Hungary is most known for dental tourism because it has more dentists per capita than any other country in Europe. In Hungary, the number of surgeons has steadily increased, which gives everyone greater access to affordable care. This has also enabled the medical tourism industry to grow over the past fifteen years, mostly driven by European clientele. Hungary offers a range of dental treatment, cosmetic surgery and elective surgery. An estimate of 50% Austrians, large amount of Germans and increasing amount of medical tourists from the UK.


In general, Eastern Europe offers inexpensive and reliable medical, dental and cosmetic surgery. The standard of treatment is high, with most clinics employing internationally trained, English speaking surgeons and nursing staff. Most of the surgeries are carried out in Budapest, using state of the art equipment and modern facilities. Hungary is a member of the European Medical Tourism Alliance (Eu MTI). The government health department must approve and register all hospitals and clinics. Moreover, it registers each doctor who practices at that particular clinic.


Hungary does not yet have any  JCI accredited hospitals. Its cost savings are less than other medical tourism destinations (Discover Medical Tourism).

Cost Comparisons



Hungary (USD)

Liposuction $5,250 $1,066
Breast augmentation $7,613 $3,871
Face lift $11,813 $3,421
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) $8,418 $3,136
Porcelain crown $998 $347
Full acrylic dentures $1,750 $579
Dental implants/Branemark $3,500 $1,447
Chief source: Compare the Cost of Elective Surgery Abroad, Treatment Abroad

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