Brazil is the largest country in South America geographically as well as the most populous country in Latin America. With an estimated 186 million residents, it is the fifth most populated country in the world as well as the fifth largest country. It has one of the largest growing health systems in the world.

Brazil’s health system is believed to include 16,000 centers, including hospitals, clinics and local health facilities. All centers are staffed with over 200,000 physicians. Brazil is globally acclaimed for its cosmetic procedures. Although Brazil is primarily known for cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, it built a well developed health system in all areas. A large portion of medical tourists come from the United States. Brazil’s medical packages include bilingual interpreters that accompanies patients to all medical consultations. They serve to answer any questions or confusions between doctors and patients.

Brazilians themselves are very fashion conscious, and cosmetic surgery is very common domestically. Therefore, Brazil has a very high competence in cosmetic surgery, so it is one of the fastest growing areas of medical tourism in Brazil. Cosmetic surgery is prevalent (Plastic Surgery in Brazil Portal).

However, Brazil lags significantly behind Thailand, India, Singapore, and other Asian nations in mounting a concerted effort to develop an “industry” for medical tourism (Hospitalitynet). Asian governments are very active in getting various parts of their travel, medical and hospitality industries to cooperate to integrate services into seamless medical tourism. Latin America, with the exception of Mexico and Costa Rica, is less developed.


Brazil has some of the most practiced cosmetic surgeons in the world, and medical centers are increasingly JCI certified. In recent years, the Brazilian real has been low compared to the U.S. dollar, which lowers the cost of already low-cost procedures.

Much of Brazil is tropical, so it can offer an exotic locale for tourists. It has many tourist destinations that may be viewed by medical tourists between doctor’s visits. Such sites include: the Amazonia National Park and the Iguassu Falls. Rio de Janeiro includes many tourist attractions such as shops, restaurants, parks and spas. Brazil’s beaches, dance, music and culture are well known around the world, which adds to its appeal as a tourist destination.


The large gap between wealthy and poor Brazilians can be an issue for some medical tourists. Conditions in some areas of large cities can shock western tourists. Along with this, the Brazilian crime rate is quite high, and large slum areas are not safe for tourists to visit. It is important that medical tourists are aware of the risks of traveling and take necessary precautions.

Along with cultural adjustments, tourists, especially from the United States, must be aware of the different laws and abilities to sue. As in most medical tourism contracts, patients must sign a paper in which they forgo the right to sue in case results are unexpected.

Cost Comparisons



Brazil (USD)

Liposuction $5,250 $905
Breast augmentation $7,613 $2,714
Face lift $11,813 $1,880
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) $8,418 $1,880


United States (USD)

Brazil (USD)

Face lift $6,000-12,000 $4,370
Breast augmentation $8,000 $5,370
Liposuction (abdoman) $6,000 $3,370
Chief source: Compare the Cost of Elective Surgery Abroad, Treatment Abroad

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