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Deloitte’s Medical Tourism: Consumers in Search of Value is widely cited as a well-researched recent report on medical tourism, and it lists thirteen countries whose efforts to develop their medical infrastructure are remarkable. Medical tourism is inherently very competitive, so each country that competes for the global clientele invests differently by using its unique advantages, which Country Reports shows.

Medical tourism is an emerging industry, and procedural, quality and pricing information about providers in various countries is difficult to find. Much of the information that does exist is available from medical tourism facilitators, which are hardly unbiased sources.

As cost saving is such an important factor in medical tourism, Country Reports include representative procedures and costs in various countries. The best source was Treatment Abroad’s 2008 Report, which was compiled by an external research company that compared UK costs for cosmetic surgery, serious medical procedures and dental work to medical tourism sites worldwide. Each country report closes with the cost comparison tables. Treatment Abroad’s study is given first, and price comparisons between United States costs for miscellaneous procedures follows. All costs are given in U.S. dollars. With respect to costs, exchange rates and many other factors impact them as well as variables such as what packages include.

All the variables aside, reliable sources validate the relative scope and scale of cost savings as well as the quality of care, which is broadly reflected by the increasing number of hospitals accredited by JCI and others. Country Reports compiles information from numerous sources and displays it to show the variety of approaches each country takes as well as points in common.

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