Key Forces of Globalization

To appreciate medical tourism and the globalization of health care, it is necessary to observe that virtually every industry is undergoing globalization due to digitizing communications, inexpensive international travel and liberalization of finance. Standardized information technology in the form of the Internet, mobile phones, free Web browsers and social networks means that more people are online sharing information about an expanding spectrum of their lives. Standardized information technology enables more businesses to offer information about their products and services in forms that other people can recognize, understand and use. This inexpensive communication technologies are creating global markets and collaboration among people located around the world.

In addition, falling prices of air travel mean that it is increasingly fast, convenient and relatively less expensive to travel globally than ever before. Liberalization of financial services enables people to pay for goods around the world much more easily than ever before. The key forces increasingly make “global” common for an increasing portion of all populations of people. Because the forces affect exchange of information and communication, they affect almost all human activity, including health care.

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