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The Globalization of Healthcare began as an independent project during my junior year at Francis W. Parker High School in Chicago. I have traveled internationally my life long, and I am interested in how health affects people’s lives around the world. My plans for university also include international studies and healthcare related courses and projects.

When I was researching for my independent study, I began to realize that healthcare was undergoing a fundamental shift: although medical tourism, also called health travel or medical travel, had been around for centuries, a more profound change seemed to be happening. Healthcare was globalizing, and it was a much greater degree of change than I first appreciated.

Therefore, the Globalization of Healthcare will be an ongoing project of research and exploration. I will seek to provide valuable information and thoughts on things I discover that may benefit patients, providers, facilitators and businesses.

I look forward to your reactions, additions and corrections. Thank you for your interest and contributions.

If you would like to learn more about me, I invite you to access my LinkedIn profile, follow me on Twitter, visit me on Medical Tourism City or contact me at sophie AT rollyson DOT net.

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  1. Pablo

    Hello Sophie,ยด

    My name is Pablo and I’m actually trying to develop a business as a facilitator here in the Dominican Republic where I currently reside.

    I have already made contact with an odontology center here in Santo Domingo that is interested in hearing about my project but I would like to start that meeting knowing about the partnering arrangement that a MT facilitator makes with a medical center in terms with the benefits? If the standard negotiation is a commission based on the tariff paid by the patient for the procedure of 15% or maybe 20%?

    Or if the medical center established a fixed tariff to the MT facilitator so that after the MT facilitator negotiates with a final tariff with the patient?

    Many thanks in advance for any feedback or if you know of any online guide for MT facilitators where I can find this info,




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