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The central focus of the Globalization of Healthcare is how providers are increasingly treating patients from around the world, what is driving growth and the roles of enabling participants. From the country point of view, governments are now actively working to develop prestigious and lucrative industries by investing in hospitals, equipment, training, accreditation, marketing and alliances.


The study seeks to answer questions about medical tourism participants:

  • Providers: the report will describe world class hospitals in “emerging” countries (e.g. Apollo, Bumrungrad, etc.) as well as famous hospitals in leading economies (e.g. Harvard Medical, Mayo Clinic, etc.). What are their motivations are for getting involved? What are they doing?
  • Employers: in the U.S., most health insurance is provided by employers, who offer health insurance as an employment benefit. What do employers think about medical tourism?
  • Health insurers: since health insurance in the U.S. is private, it is important to consider how health insurers think about medical tourism.
  • Facilitators: medical tourism is their business, so what are the biggest opportunities they see? In addition, what are the biggest threats to medical tourism?
  • Patients: what situations do they experience that cause them to think about medical tourism? What are their results?


Hotspots of medical tourism are emerging around the world, and the report contains summaries of several representative countries. Initially, it will include:

  • Asia: India, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa: Hungary, South Africa, United Arab Emirates
  • Americas: Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil
Surveys of participants are currently underway, and I invite you to complete one if you fall into one of the participant groups. They take an average of 15 minutes online, and participants may receive a summary of results. Just click the links under “participants” above left. Thank you.

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